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  1. Zululkis Reply
    The Eye of Balor is a Celtic supernatural weapon of mass destruction. It first appears in Peace Talks. 1 Description 2 In the series Peace Talks 3 Footnotes 4 References Harry DresdenHe had this eye that could be used to wither the world, to destroy everything it saw, to set it on fire. He kept it covered behind a bunch of eye patches and veils, and he could remove a few of them at a time.
  2. Muhn Reply
    Aug 27,  · Eye of Balor Production information Manufacturer Ancients Technical specifications Function Power source Size Palm sized Made of Crystal Usage Affiliation Ancients (past)Goa'uld (past)Morrigan (past)Balor (past)Anubis Ancient technology The Eye of Balor was one of six jewels that the Goa'uld once used as power sources. Though it was originally owned by the System Lord Balor, it Function: Power source.
  3. Faegami Reply
    Balor, in Celtic mythology, chief of the chaotic race of Fomoire—the demonic race that threatened the Irish people until they were subdued in the second great battle of Mag Tuired (Moytura). When Balor was a boy, he looked into a potion being brewed by his father’s Druids, and the fumes caused him to grow a huge, poisonous icsengolfganzamkchaf.emlodsoundvoceremenlalachanquebas.co eye had to be opened by attendants, and it killed anything.
  4. Tygok Reply
    Balor is the mythical tyrant, a sort of evil Goliath character, with huge destructive power in his ‘eye’. He is also unwittingly the progenitor of a line that includes Lugh and then Cuchulain, mighty figures in .
  5. Doujin Reply
    eye base; eye candy; eye coal; Eye Diseases; eye dog; eye fly; eye for an eye; eye lens; Eye of Balor; Eye of Horus; Eye of the Demon; Eye of the dome; eye of the storm; eye of the storm/cyclone; eye of the wind; eye relief; eye scanning; eye screw; eye socket; eye tracking; eye wall; eyeball; eyeball assay; Eyeball downlight; eyeball driven.
  6. Akigami Reply
    Balor uses three types of attacks: Eye Beam - A devastating beam of light, unleashed from its eye. Burns the ground in a single line. Beam Sweep - A variation on the beam attack, Balor sweeps the beam across the open area. Sweep - Balor sweeps its claw across the field. It's easy to avoid by moving away from Balor.
  7. Mazubar Reply
    Balor, the most powerful balor and for whom the race was named. Errtu, archenemy of the Companions of the Hall. Chare'en of the Army of Darkness that attacked Myth Drannor. He raised a huge gnoll army in the Thunder Peaks, before being defeated and imprisoned. Wendonai, Champion of Lolth.
  8. Gardami Reply
    Balor of the Evil Eye is a legendary Fae and Fomorian. In the first battle between the fomorians and the Tuatha de Danaan, a mighty warlord named Balor was chosen to lead the fomorians in battle. In his youth, Balor, who had but one eye, had spied on a solemn rite he was forbidden to witness. As.

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